Testimonials from the benefitted persons practicing FTR Therapy

Renal Dysfunction / Very high blood pressure / Atrial Conduction Defect (Cardiac)

I, J. Shankarappa aged 40-years,  was suffering from severe hypertension with symptoms of cold, cough, stomach ache, constipation, wheezing and very violent belching , headache, difficult and frequent urination during night times.

I have under gone treatments during 2001 to Oct-2008 under the hands of Allopathic and Homeopathic Doctors but in vain.
I approached Guruji (Dr. Balakrishnan) who started the treatment under the FTR scheme together with Homeopathic medicines and some herbs (arrived at based on FTR philosophy as per Guruji).

This treatment brought down pressure to 130/80 from 260/170 and maintained till date. Other Blood and Urine parameters are normalised.
I am very happy that FTR helped me to maintain well-being in spite of very high blood pressure while at the same time enabled tapering allopathic medicines gradually.
Now, I am leading a normal life with absence of all the above symptoms since July 2011.

I am doing my FTRs regularly but for which I would have suffered from further kidney failure. I am happy that I was not driven to dialysis as it always happens with kidney failure patients but for Guruji’s sincere and painstaking efforts put forward to save me from perennial problems.

J. Shankarappa

Note: The above case is an example of treatment with FTR + FTR based Herbs

Skin Allergy & acute GERD (Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease)

Dear Guruji,

I wish to thank you for curing me of my long time skin allergy problem. I had been having the problem of skin allergy / itch for the past 8 years. I had consulted Dermatologists around the world. They informed me that it is due to "dry skin" and recommended various types of moisturizing creams and anti-hysthemus drugs. None were able to cure me of my problem. I was taking anti-hysthemus tablets regularly for the past 8 years to get some relief. If I stop the medication, I used to get terrible itch all over the body. I had approached you about an year back. The FTR you had recommended along with FTR based medicines brought me quick relief. Within a couple of months of your treatment, I was greatly relieved and for the past one year, I have not taken any other medication for this problem.

Acidity - I also had an acute acidity problem due to which I was forced to take regular anti acidity medication for about 6 years. Without such medication, I had the problem of acute GERD (Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease). I had severe heart burns and my appetite was getting worse. This used to lead to sudden and strong through-up (vomit) of stomach acids. It was uncontrollable and used to occur in embarrassing moments - for example, in the middle of an important meeting. I have been practicing FTR sequence prescribed by you along with Homeopathy medication for the past one year and I have been greatly relieved. The problem has gradually been reducing and I am happy that I am free from any regular antacid medication with a healthy appetitive restored.

Once again, I thank you for the wonderful cure that freed me from regular intake of various drugs.

Venkat Rajendran

Note: The above case is an example of treatment with FTR + FTR based Herbs

Allergy –Severe sneezing and cough
Dear Guruji,
I have been having persistent allergies for about past 15 years after shifting to Bangalore from Delhi. Often, I used to get up early in the morning around 3 AM with repeated sneezing and a running nose. The attack used to last for about one to two hours and I lost sleep regularly. I was also getting persistent cough through out the day for the last few months. I have tried allopathic medicine initially with no improvement. Though I was taking some homeopathy medicine for more than10 years, it was giving me only limited and temporary relief and the problem continued. I started following the FTR practice suggested by you for the past one month and stopped all medications. I am very glad to inform you that I have had significant relief from my problems. The allergy and cough problems have reduced greatly. I am having good sleep and I can feel the improvement. I have stopped taking all medications and only practicing FTR. I wish to thank you for the wonderful cure. 
Thanking you very much
Chandra Venkat Rajendran


Knee pain:

Dear Guruji, 

Here I am summarizing my Knee pain symptoms and the FTR i received from you. 

Knee Pain Symptoms
Since 2011 january, I am suffering from knee pain.  Orthopedics diagnosed the symptoms as CHONDROMALACIA OF THE PATELLA after checking the MRI reports.

Doctor advised physiotherapy and rest.  Even after 6 months of rest & physiotherapy  there were no signs of easing of pain. 

FTR received from Dr Balakurisnen
I met Dr Balakrishnan on Nov 2011, and got the FTRs for the same symptoms.  Since I started practicing the FTR, I see a great improvement in my knee pain symptoms. 

Dr. Sai Nagini

Knee pain:

I am deeply grateful to you for bringing an instant relief to my knee pain which I had been suffering from for the past 6 months.
I went to an Ortho and he said that it is Chondromalacia and gave some glucosamine supplement. Since it did not work, I went for an Ayurvedic massage that did not give me any relief. It was then that I came to you. The FTR that you gave me worked instantly.
 I did this just for a couple of minutes and I got immediate relief. I shall continue to do it for permanent relief.
 I had pain in my feet since one week. It has reduced considerably since you gave me the FTR 3 days back
I have been doing the self -FTR that you gave since 3 days for about 10-15 times a day. That has given me immense peace of mind.
Self-FTR of 16 combinations did wonders to me. I am deeply thankful for that and I shall continue to do it.


Jagdeeshwari Hari


Bowel loop and deterioration in function of organs

I had hypertension since Oct 1995. My blood pressure used to vary from 110/70 to 180/110. If I stop my allopathic medicines, my BP will go to high level and I used to get symptoms of headache and tiredness.

i came for FTR therapy in July 2008. After going through this FTR and FTR based herbal medicines, my symptoms were under control and I was able to do normal work. My BP came down to 130/90.

in August 2010, I was diagnosed with Bowel loop and I had symptoms of high BP 210/140 and most of the organs had shown deterioration in function. i had problems of breathlessness and could not take food. With Body FTR and FTR based herbal medicine, i was cured from these problems. First of all, the bowel loop problem was cleared. Then the major organs like liver, lungs and kidney was brought back to normal. Subsequently BP was also brought down to 130/90 and breathlessness reduced and i started doing normal work since Jan 2011.

In May 2011, I went on a pleasure trip to many places and I could climb up Vaishno Devi and have darshan of Devi  without any difficulty. i went by foot to the shrine and came back by walk on the same day. I had no difficulty in doing this. From Jan 2011, I am attending normal work and I have no difficulty.



Note: The above case is also an example of treatment with FTR + FTR based Herbs


My mother is suffering from Migraine from last 20 years. We have been using different types of treatments for this like allopathy, homeopathy. She suffers atleast 3 times every month which results in severe vomiting, headache which can be resolved only by taking Ovaran injection and 2 days rest.
Guruji (Dr.Balakrishnan IIHCC) asked us to stop all the medicine and gave the FTR for her. She has been doing that from 1 week. She had headache yesterday, after doing FTR it disappeared immediately without any medicine It is a very big miracle to us. We could not believe this.
I recommend this FTR to everyone as it is always better to have cure to the diseases without any medicines



Slip Disc:
Synopsis of Ailment and Recovery: Slip Disc

I fell sick on April 18th 2010 with a severe lower back pain and the problem grew and I consulted an ortho surgeon. He had advised me to be on complete bed rest for 2 weeks. I was on complete bed rest from 20th April to 30th April 2010. On my second visit, the doctor advised me to wear a hip belt and also told me to undergo physiotherapy. Meanwhile I went back to work and took one week long physiotherapy, but there was no result. On 7th May 2010 the pain on my lower back resurfaced and was unable to sit or stand.
I approached Guruji through one of my friends. He immediately gave me the FTR therapy. I practiced FTR for a week. I felt relieved instantly. I am practicing FTR daily and it’s been two weeks, I don’t have the pain. It gradually decreased and I am now able to do all the regular works like before.
I would like to thank you for treating me for “SLIP DISC” ailment with the most effective and reliable FTR method invented by you. I have recovered from the ailment and there is absolutely no pain now and I am able to do all the works like before.

Aparna Dinesh


I got complete relief from the terrible headache after doing the FTRs for about 5 times. Thanks so much your kind help and advice.



Indigestion, fever:

The following incident happened when I was in Ahmedabad, on the night of 16th November 2011.I was suffering from severe indigestion, manifesting as fever, body pain and body weakness.
I did the FTRs given by Guruji over phone. Since I was very weak I did it only once. I got instantaneous relief. By morning most symptoms had vanished. Within two days I resumed my normal diet

Krishnakumar R N

Tennis Elbow:

I had tennis elbow pain on my right hand for more than 2 years and was not able to hold even tea cup or my handbag for which I went to local clinic ortho/neuro specialist.  I was given 3 steroids with an interval of 3 months time.  Steroids gave me only temporary relief with side effects. I came to know about Guruji and his simple and effective FTR practice.  Then, FTR initiated by Guruji which I am practicing till now. Immediately after a week I noticed great relief from the pain.
I am practicing FTR very regularly till today atleast 3 times a day.  Now I feel more comfortable. I am able to do all domestic work with out any pain.

Pushkala Gunashekar


Rheumatic Arthritis:

My Sister Kalpana suffered from Rheumatic Arthritis for the past 17 years. We met so many to treat the illness. Many famous doctors gave pain killers which eased the pain for a few days. Their final statement read, nothing could be done to get a permanent relief. It was a tough time as she needed a companion to assist her in every work. At that time, we came to know about your FTR treatment.
Kalpana and I , came there to meet you and we learned the FTR treatment Kalpana practiced FTRs regularly and today she is leading a new life .

N Maharajan


Ligament tear:

Greetings. This mail is to once again reiterate the benefits that I got out FTR. I met with an accident in year 2000 and had two ligament tear in my right knee. I was treated with POP and bedridden for almost 4 months. After that I was able to walk but with limping as i could not put my full weight on the knee.
As years passed by my pain also got increased and I used to take pills for pain like Diclovin Plus every alternate day. I met Guruji (Dr. Balakrishnan) in year 2009 and he gave me solution within few minutes through FTR. I did the FTR which took 3 minutes and within few seconds the pain got vanished. I was able to walk freely without limping. I am proud to say that I am no longer taking any pills for pain.
I honestly thank Guruji for the holistic healing through FTR.


Pregnancy – easy delivery:

I was given FTRs during my pregnancy. I was doing the FTRs for more than 10 times a day in the last month of my pregnancy. I delivered the baby in normal way with bearable pain. When I was admitted in hospital only 2cms of the uterus was open but within 6 hours the progress was very well and I delivered normally in short time and that too it was my first delivery. Even doctor was surprised on the progress of my delivery within short period of 6 hours. All my friends were surprised about my normal delivery since I was such a person who couldn’t bear even fever. I am so much thankful to Guruji Balakrishnan to provide me such FTRs.




I was suffering from constipation after my first son's birth nearly for 20 years.
I suffered a lot. During my travel constipation will be more. Even if I travel for half an hour my anus will become closed tightly and there will be some itching, paining and pricking and sometimes there will be bleeding. For that I was taking Siddha medicines - Karunai legiyam and Thethankottai legiyam. I had only temporary relief. I used to take double dosage whenever I feel more constipation. I met Guruji on March 8th 2011 and he advised me to do some FTRs. I am following that until today May 10th 2011 and I am completely cured from constipation. I had forgotten the legiyam itself I am so completely relieved from it. I feel it and believed it I am free now. There is no constipation from that time.

Bhoomi Devi (A) Gomathi.

Knee pain (Obesity – Stress):

I attended the FTR session of Dr Balakrishnan. I had severe knee pain when I came for the session, he asked me to do 2 types of FTR. I was surprised to note that immediately the pain had vanished. I walked and also checked there was no pain. The pain has still not returned :) I am still amazed at this healing power but I am very thankful that this pain is not longer there.



Spinal Cord Problem:
I was suffering from Spinal Cord Problem. My Husband accidentally met Dr. Balakrishnan at Connemara Public Library in the Second week of October 2011. Over phone he prescribed FTRs which I practiced and the pain immediately gone. He suggested to continue with the Technique for 10 more days minimum.  I am thankful to the Guru and Goddess who done wonders on me.
Smt. Shobha, W/o P Narayana Bhatt,


FTR to Student community:

The whole day, 17th December, 2011 was fulfilling. 
I share my experience with my friends and colleagues.

I really feel FTR will help a great deal among the student community particularly at this point of juncture where we get to see so much of young student resources are available in the campus.

I am one of the beneficiary who attended the workshop at MIT. I suffered from insomnia (sleep disorder) and acidity. I was taught FTRs. From then I am practicing. I find lot of differences in my body. Nowadays I am feeling more energetic; Acidity and sleep disorders reduced a lot. I will practice FTRs regularly.



This is V. Rengarajan from Mumbai. I attended your Finger Tip workshop in Mumbai in May 2008 I had back-pain and you gave me Finger Tip exercise.
I am really happy and surprised to see that my back-pain is totally gone after practicing FTRs. It is a miracle only. I practiced the finger exercise just for a week only. But it really gave me a good result.

V. Rengarajan


Cardiac Problem:

Dear Dr. Balkrishnan,
I had approached you for my cardiac problem of poor pumping of heart on 9.10.2007. I had become very weak and could not even walk.
You advised me to perform FTRs and I did accordingly practiced the same for 15 minutes and after 2 hours with miraculous effect, I was completely transformed and regained my energy I also experienced a sense of harmony and peace.
This is a blessing for the mankind.
Dr Vijay Chitnis


Loose stools:

I developed loose stools from the evening of the Fri. It was probably the worst case that I can ever remember having, as it interrupted my sleep and there was a degree of pain (like I was being disemboweled). 

Thru Sat I limited my meals and had some apple, but to no avail. The same continued thru Sunday, and it was that evening that I contacted you for FTRs (though I must confess there was a sore temptation to pop a pill). 
I held these FTRs for 2 mins per position twice by Sunday night. In a short while (c. 1hr) there was a tangible sense of relief. Thru that night there were a couple of times when I felt the urge to pass stools, though this time it was fairly solid, and more importantly the pain was almost gone. 
While I am not completely a stranger to pranayams and the concept of body magnetism, I must confess that it was certainly an eye-opening experience for me - that such a simple sequence of steps could have such a profound effect on my state of being. To say that it was amazing would honestly be an understatement (esp. considering the absence of any medication). 

Karthik Sivaraman

Bronchial Asthma:

MY case study. I've been suffering from bronchial asthma since 5 Yrs right after the first delivery in 2002. I've been off and on allopathy injection and mouth inhalers for containing the ailment.
I've been put up with this for more than four years when at one time I had been lucky to come across the Guruji and his FTR miracle healing.
I approached him for help for healing me ,but to my surprise he prescribed a new drug less therapy which I was too skeptical .He prescribed " Finger tip touch therapy" ( FTRs)
In deed I could get quick relief , with in a few seconds no sooner I did it.
Trust me it was really amazing, when I got rid of the problem totally in few minutes, yes! really it unbelievable..! But it is true, I experienced it .

Rashmi Monnappa.

Throat pain:

I had a problem with my Throat. Apart from some Pain on the left side of the throat, i also was experiencing problems while swallowing food.
Dr. Balakrishnan gave me a set of about 20 different FTRS to be performed atleast 3 times a day. I started doing these FTRS from Monday. It’s been 3 days now, and I am really pleased to say, my Throat is much much better now. The pain is gone, and swallowing food etc is normal now.
It is really amazing how some simple FTRS can make such a big difference. More and more people need to know about this. It is a gift Humanity can be proud of.
These FTRS are a part of my daily routine now.

Omkar Muravane

Diabetes / Vision problems:

Dear Sir,
This is further to inform you that I am doing the Finger tip manipulation that you guided me and the results as on date are as follows.
 Due to the diabetes the pain which I used to get in my leg is under control at times there are symptoms as the pain used to   start as somebody is putting the needle but immediate it is checked and not shooting at all. There is a great relieve as far as leg pain is concerned.
As far as the vision which I have lost due to RP (Retinal Pigmentosa) and I used to feel as   complete dark now I feel that there is some light  though I cannot visualize the  thing  but I feel there is some glow and brightness.
I am doing the exercises as you have instructed sincerely and I am very positive that I will   be cured completely.
Yours Sincerely,


Severe Back and Neck pain:

FTR Therapy made a world of difference to me and my family. It cured me from terrible back and neck pain. I had undergone physiotherapy 15 times and other than providing temporary relief it was of no use. Doctor shocked me that I should either leave my job or to undertake “DTS therapy” to get relieved from neck pain. As I contacted you at the right time, I am completely cured and I am back at work with no problems. Thanks a lot for curing my problem through phone itself. I did the “FTRs” at my work place by just sitting in the chair facing north direction. I found the difference within 1 hour.

Bhuvana Radhakrishnan,