The principles of Nature Cure is based on the fundamental Medical principles viz.(a) There is an inner environment comprising of interdependent organs (b) Healing is within us. It is nature that heals and cures and (c) Non-violent and non-invasive treatment of the sick and (d) treatment should not be worse than the disease.

The modern lifestyles are about untimely eating, unsuitable diets & above all stresses. These cause run-down feeling or even illness. Modern treatments may not be useful in these cases as they provide palliative, rather than curative treatments.

The aim of alternate therapies is to emphasize the basic importance of maintaining one’s health. The idea is to focus on the enhancement of the health, rather than waiting for people to become ill and then applying expensive medical techniques in disease management.

The fundamental difference of Nature Cure with other systems is that the theory and practice are based on holistic view point whereas the modern approach is specific. Nature Cure does not believe in the specific cause of disease and its specific treatment but takes into account the totality of factors responsible for disease such as one's unnatural habits in living, thinking, working, sleeping, relaxing, sexual indulgence etc. and also considers the environmental factors involved which on the whole disturb the normal functioning of the body and lead it to a morbid, weak and toxic state. For treatment, it primarily stresses on correcting all the factors involved and allows the body to recover itself.