Every individual is given a set of unique FTRs (Finger Tip Revolution). The tools and methodology to practice the FTRs are given in the following paragraphs.

General Rules

Practicing FTR

The Tools used in FTR therapy are Our Own Finger tips. The Five Finger tips represented as T,I,M,R and S as shown in Fig 1.

There are some general preferred rules in practicing the FTRs. These are postures, direction and use of Insulation, Concentration.

Practicing FTR

The recommended Postures are shown in Fig.2 above with the preferred order (left to right) and if none of the postures is possible, one has to contact the Ashram.

Practicing FTRThe preferred Direction is North as shown in Fig. 3. Followed by other directions East followed by West.



One has to use Insulation (a mat/carpet/wood plank etc.,) as shown in Fig.4


Practicing FTR

After following all the above, while doing the FTR, after keeping the finger combination, one need to close eyes and concentrate on his own breathing to get a good and effective result.