• Set up ashrams in different places in India
  • Set up model FTR villages
  • These ashrams/ villages will have serene atmosphere
  • Natural living will be showcased
  • Patients have the option of residential stay for treatment
  • Treatments can be from 10 days to 30 days based on the cure sought
  • Organic fruits, vegetables, pulses, grains and other ingredients will be used for cooking for residents/patients
  • Stress removal & healthcare will be the key objective for in-house patients
  • Patients will be provided clean, furnished rooms with good ventilation
  • Separate rooms will be provided for patients to ensure their privacy
  • One attendant can come along with the patient & stay in ashram during the treatment period
  • Team of doctors & emergency care will be available at the ashrams


  • Create a portal for the ashram
  • Use cloud computing for storing patients’ data
  • This can be accessed by the ashram employees/volunteers anytime from anywhere decreasing time to respond & increase efficiency
  • Elaborate portal will ensure that all the details pertaining to ashram is available online including registration
  • Create video based training for new employees, volunteers & patients activities
  • Expand the doctors panel in various cities
  • Establish partnership with hospitals, laboratories & pathologists to monitor patients’ progress