Dr. N. Balakrishnan is the Founder Chairman of the IIHCC. He is an Engineer, Doctor & spiritualist; social service being his top priority. Bestowed with the unique gift, the flair for curing the most complicated cases, he is the back bone of IIHCC.

He has published a number of research papers in international journals of high standings in electronics and communication engineering such as IEEE Proceedings, EDN, Wireless World, Electronics Engg, IETE. He is author of the technical book titled “Radiation and Propagation” for engineering under graduates (reviewed by Prof. R.S.Elliot of University of California, Los Angeles).

His Medical publications in leading international Balakrishnanjournals of medicine (Homeopathy) such as Similimum (USA), National Symposiums and International Congress of the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis include case studies of incurable diseases such as Cancers, heart diseases  Kidney (renal), Gall Bladder problems, psoriasis, Respiratory problems BP (Low and high), Epilepsy,
Ulcers (Peptic and duodenal), Migraines, and many others.

National Recognition Awards

On 26th January 1988, he received the “Invention Award” for best Scientist from National Research Development Corporation, Govt. of India from the President of India. This was given for his invention of radio frequency applications in the field of electronics and communication engineering. This indigenous design resulted in huge cost savings for his company.

His biography has appeared in the 10th edition of “WHO’S WHO IN THE WORLD”  (“Marquis WHO’S WHO in Illinois America and in the world”)

A paper “Healing codes- Natural way" was presented on Finger Tip Revolution,  the brain child of Dr. Balakrishnan, during the National in Biological Sciences" conducted in Feb 2011 at the St. Joseph’s college Trichy.