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Arogya NidhiArogya Nidhi - The science Behind and Beyond : Divine Revelations 

by Malini subrahmaniam 
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This book explains the methods to keep one healthy and fit, the natural methods which can help a person to be disease-free and the advantages of following nature's plan for us. It also defines spirituality, the basic concept of creation, the first of its kind exercise regime called Finger Tip Revolution which energizes a person and keeps him/ her in good health and stress free. It also dabbles with worship, the customs, traditions and the science behind and beyond our perception.

The proceeds from the sales will be used by IIHCC for charity.

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IIHCC (Integrated International Holistic Cure Centre) was founded in January 1997 with a vision to provide holistic Health Care to people from all walks of life.

It was also the vision of the Founder Chairman, Dr. Balakrishnan, that all services would be rendered to one and all. He has been doing the service for over 35 years now. Dumbstruck by his kindness & humility, patients stopped addressing him as Doctor & started looking up to him as their mentor/Guru.


To provide holistic Healthcare, Peace & Contentment to Mankind in a natural way.