• FTR is a great stress reliever & brings inner peace. FTR energizes the individual. Once the physical, mental and spiritual balance is restored, it leads to greater success in the individual’s tasks in daily life.
  • FTR is able to cure many diseases. It has been successfully applied to varied problems like Stress, Sinus, Migraine, Arthritis, Asthma/Respiratory problems, ENT problems, Back pain, Sleep disorders, Spondylitis, Joint Aches, Skin disorders, Abdominal disorders, Cancer, Neurological disorders, common cold, allergies, Gastro intestinal disorders etc.
  • For complex cases like Cancer and other disorders, FTR has demonstrated a dramatic reversal and curing within a very short period of time.
  • FTR, when done regularly, can act as a preventive. When practiced regularly for three times a day, it keeps one free of ailments.
  • FTR is completely non intrusive and has absolutely no side effects.
  • FTR brings about a balance in the human body. It also brings about a balance between the system within the body, with the universe outside in terms of the five elements (Panchaboothas) that fundamentally constitute the whole universe.
  • FTR treatment does not involve any external agents/drugs/ chemical substances. In extreme cases some natural herbals may supplement the FTR treatment. Thus, it is free from undesired side effects.
  • FTR has been proven over hundreds of beneficiaries all over India and the world for whom the treatment has solved different types of ailments, which have not been cured by various other treatments.
  • FTR can also act as a great supplement to other systems of medicines as it does not interfere with any intake of other medicines like Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Siddha, Allopathy etc. as FTR normally does not prescribe any medicine by itself.

To us, the method has been breathtakingly simple and enormously efficacious. We also fully appreciate the complement offered by the advancements and sophistication of other forms of medicine. But, like someone once said, ‘Simplicity is Genius’.