FTR (Finger Tip Revolution) is a unique method of keeping your fingers of both hands in a particular sequence suited to your constitution.

It’s highly customized & is not based on the diseases a person may be suffering from. This is totally different from Mudra, Reiki & other known forms of treatments using fingers.

As soon as a patient meets Dr. Balakrishnan, he will come up with the right sequence for that person. This has to be practiced by the patient as per some simple instructions. 
The intricately designed human body is made up of five basic elements viz. Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth – akin to nucleotides’ of DNA. At the onset of a disease, the proportion of these five elements could change. If it is not corrected, we get into a series of health problems & the main cause remains unknown or untreated. Any imbalance can be corrected by practicing FTR as per your Prescription; thus the vital elements can be restored to the right proportion.

FTR can be practiced for keeping good health & is not connected only to medical problems. By balancing the vital elements in our body, the fusion of body & soul is also possible. FTR also reduces stress & helps to keep stress-based diseases at bay.
FTR is very easy to practice & can be practiced anytime, anywhere.